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High Quality Equipment, Dependable Tools, and Reliable Safety Gear

Located in Texas, Ultimate Tool & Safety serves the entire region as the go to place for tower workers, construction workers, telecommunication workers, arborists, crane workers, and more.

Ultimate Tool & Safety is an excellent source for high quality equipment, dependable tools, and reliable safety gear. Call Ultimate Tool & Safety today to make an order by phone 817-246-2213.

If you're in the Fort Worth area, Odessa Texas or Portales, NM be sure to stop by and see our extensive inventory in person. 

635 S. Cherry Ln. White Settlement, TX, 76108

403 W. 2nd St.Odessa, TX 76108

When you have a job that demands strength, you want your tools and equipment to be durable and ready for whatever comes your way. At Ultimate Tool & Safety, we have the experience in the field to know how important quality FR clothing and other equipment is for your safety, as well as to ensure the job gets done with precision and control.

About Us

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Ultimate Tool & Safety is a great resource for linemen, iron workers, arborists, tower workers, and others who need dependable safety equipment and reliable tools to perform work at varying degrees of height.

 Providing Service in: New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Mississippi 


Decades of Experience

The ownership, management and workforce at Ultimate Tool and Safety are no strangers to the demands and risks that accompany this line of work. We have merged with Powerline Aerial Equipment Testing & Inspections LLC. Our new dynamic team has a combined experience that exceeds 70 years! This experience includes extensive time working with and around:


  • Steel erection
  • Crane Inspection
  • Powerline Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Dielectric Testing
  • Tool Maintenance
  • Grounds Repair
  • Bucket Truck Testing
  • Digger Truck Testing
  • And Much More


 The History of Our Company

The Ultimate line of companies began in 2005 as Ultimate Crane, a company that provided top notch crane inspections, rigger training, dielectric testing, and much more. In 2012, the dielectric testing branch of the company grew to become Ultimate Dielectric, a process that ultimately gave rise to growing customer base that demanded more products and services. To meet this demand our sales division Ultimate Tool and Safety was formed in the beginning of 2015. Recently we have merged with Powerline Aerial Equipment Testing & Inspections LLC. Our new dynamic team has a combined experience that exceeds 70 years! This experience includes extensive time working with and around:


Our top priority is YOUR SAFETY; from the products we sell to the services that we provide.