FS170 Fall Safe No-Tangle Construction Harness

FS170 Fall Safe No-Tangle Construction Harness

  • $85.00
  • Save $71

Extreme FS170 No-Tangle Construction Harness with grommet legs

Extreme series of harnesses offer premium components at a competitive price. Want a comfortable harness that fits just right & can hold up job after job, look no further.

1. Removable comfort shoulder pads that stay in place when used
2. Lanyard keepers to park lanyard snap hooks
3. Webbing 1- 3/4" polyester high visibility with gray edges 5000 lbs
4. All High Strength D-rings
5. Side waist D-rings for positioning attachment point
6. Arrest attachment point: 1 dorsal D-ring attachment point
7. Fall Arrest Indicators for easy checking
8. Fixed comfort back pad sewn in allows use heavy tool bags
9. Removable Heavy Duty grommet belt
10: Pass thru connection on chest & Tongue buckle grommet leg connections

- Polyester thread grade 10
- The no tangle D-ring Pad Reduces web Knotting and relieves D-ring Back Pressure
- 1 D-ring dorsal attachment point and 2 positioning D-Rings